Monday, October 29, 2007

From the ridiculous to the sublime

The last post was about the Cartman hat. This one is all about what I like. The set is for DD's baby, grandchild #3, who is due in January. For the firstborn of my firstborn I picked something beautiful and soft but washable for it's mother who would felt all things knitted. Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, the romper from the Dale book, the boy's hat I just knit, the booties I've been knitting forever but I have seen the same ones on the internet. The girl's bonnet is a fiddling with the bonnet in the same Dale book to add the cables and the "party shoes" (as our family calls them) are from an old Pengouin book that probably dates back to the '80's. (And no I didn't take this picture on 1/1/02 I just don't know to fix that on the camera!) I hope DD will bring the baby home in this, that's what I made it for but I at least want a picture of the baby wearing it. Size one needles, very thin wool, this takes time. I want that picture. I actually deserve that picture and I think it should be a professional one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For this they're impressed?

DD wants to be a Southpark kid or maybe some of her friends do (they're all around 30 would you believe?) and can I knit this hat? So I knit the hat out of really cheap acrylic and they can't believe it. All the beautiful things I've made and this cheezy hat makes them so happy.