Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have you seen this?

We had a very unproductive visit to Ikea last weekend. They're remodeling and I coudn't find most of what I was looking for and everything else was out of stock. So frustrating. But I did find this, it's called a Komplement multi-use hanger and they say it's for shawls, really! Did you ever have one of those hangers that had yarn crocheted on it, well this is the same concept.

So look what I did. Very cool, and now they won't be all squished in the drawer. I feel so organized.

And now that it's finally feeling like spring, I've been outside playing in the garden. And my hands look like it. But the epimediums are blooming and so are the bleeding hearts. There are even a few rosebuds. So maybe it's time to put away the scarves and shawls.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Really Sure

about these socks. I love the yarn so it's not that. Or maybe it is. It's a beautiful soft, springy yarn and I really enjoyed meeting Lisa Souza and her husband at Stitches East, but it's very thin and maybe the socks won't last long. This might be better for something else. But the colors are to die for.

I like the pattern, Angee by Cookie A. but it's not my favorite one from the book. Maybe it's not the right yarn for the pattern.

But I'm really sure I love how they go with my new shoes.