Sunday, March 13, 2011

House Guest

Almost a year ago, Stamps came to visit. He was a wonderful guest, so we decided to invite another. Wandering Woolemina is on her way around America and maybe beyond but I had not idea when she would arrive. As luck had it, she came just as we were going to Delaware for the weekend. So we packed her up in the car with only just enough time to introduce ourselves

and admire the wonderful hostess gifts she brought.

The next morning, our first stop was my favorite LYS, Kitschy Stitch in Rehoboth Beach.

Woolemina met a friend and

wallowed in some wool.

Then we did some shopping. First a stop for her next hostess's gift.

And a stop at Lowe's for something for our new bathroom. (Woolemina was a good sport about that.)

And on to the outlets where we found some really good sales and she gave me advice on what to buy.

Then we took a rest on the patio, the weather was so nice. Woolemina really enjoyed reading the new Interweave Knits.

And finally out for dinner.

On Sunday, we drove home. Woolemina was very happy seeing the signs of spring. The trees are starting to show some color and we saw forsythia in bloom. We went grocery shopping.

and ended the evening knitting on Woolemina's scarf, which is very colorful.

Tomorrow we have to write in her journal and send her off to Wisconsin. She has been a wonderful guest and we'll be sorry to see her go. (Even Mr. Truck who was somewhat embarrassed by all the pictures we took.)