Sunday, September 27, 2009

This weekend was National Alpaca Open Farm Days and Reese and Evan and I, and Reese's mommy, went to Alma Park in Jackson, NJ. Which is really funny because it's just down the street from the High School I went to. And it's also really funny because I have no picture of Evan, he didn't stand still long enough.

Reese had seen an alpaca on Saturday and was very excited to see more of them with Grammy.
I was much more interested in the yarn and fiber.

I bought some Huacaya and silk and it is so soft.

The alpacas are so cute but even better there were chickens and kittens. Reese loved the chickens and Evan spent a lot of time petting the kitties and eating munchkins. There were also emus which Reese has been calling Elmo.

Rose and her brother were delightful and I had a lot of fun talking about spinning, dyeing, and knitting and petting all the fiber. I would have petted the alpacas but it was raining and a bit muddy and they were pretty wet.

This cutie is Maggie May and she almost got close enough to touch.

And on the way home there was a rainbow. Which I found is really hard to take a picture of while you're driving. By the time I stopped at a red light, it was already fading, but it looked like it was right over my house..


Sara said...

Looks like ya'll had loads of fun! The alpacas are darling!

Not ready for handspun said...

We went to an Alpaca farm as well. Makes me want to sell up and buy a farm!

Iron Needles said...

Must have been the day for it! And I bought more stuff to spin than I needed. Fortunately, we rode the motorcycle down, so I could only bring back what fit in the saddle bags.

Smart Guy, huh?

RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

what a geat day cant wait to see what you make with the silk

Marie said...

I haven't visited our local alpaca farm in about a year, but it's always a fun time. It's hard not to drive away with more fiber than you can spin and knit in ten years.
PS. Your granddaughter is adorable!