Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I Learned After Almost 13 Days Without Power

Get a generator and learn how to hook up your furnace to it.
Boiling pots of water on your stove does heat up your house.
Fill up you car and your gas cans. Have lots of gas cans.
Get a smart phone.
Get a car charger for your smart phone.
Sign up for twitter & Facebook. Follow your town, power company, local radio station. Social media is faster and more accurate than anything I heard on the radio.
Have a battery radio and batteries.
Flashlights are lifesavers in the bathroom.
Help your neighbors.
Call your power company every day. Sometimes they think you have power when you don't. (I'm talking about you PSE&G)
Texting works even when the phone doesn't.
Fill your freezer with anything you can fill up with water: Tupperware
and containers from the recycling bin work great and keep the door shut.
You can vacuum, watch DVD's and charge your nook with a generator.
Have lots of candles and not all scented. Vanilla, pumpkin,cranberry, apple, cookie dough all at the same time is bad.
And you can knit in the dark.

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Nean the Bean said...

WOW! I can't believe you were without power for so long! What a great list! I hope all is back to normal for you and that you had a great Christmas.