Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guilt, cell phones, and the obligatory pet pictures.

Olivia & Evan got new winter coats and Olivia would like Grammy to make her a scarf & hat to match. Evan doesn't want any. OK Olivia, how's this:

Olivia's mommy sends me this on the cell phone: Isn't she cute!

This the next picture: Evan wants one too! Doesn't he look cold? Such Grandma guilt!

This is much better!

Aren't cell phone pictures fun? This is George, our grand-dog. Olivia dressed him up in the sweater I knit for her a couple of years ago. Her mommy was worried I would be mad but her daddy sent me the picture.

And now for the obligatory pet pictures: This is Phantom cleaning Dunkin. He always ends up biting the poor dog, but Dunkin loves the attention. (They are both on a diet.)

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