Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Family Traditions

How do you know when something will become a family tradition?

Would you do it differently if you had known? A long time ago, I thought making a ginger bread house would be a fun thing for us to do at Christmas. After many crazy houses, we had perfected ours. No longer did we need pins, rubber bands, hot glue, calk, and luck to hold it together. (yes, all those things were actually used, not all at once, though) We knew which candy made perfect wreaths, how to shingle the roof with frosted mini wheats, the best recipe for the royal icing and how to tie twizzlers into perfect bows. Our candy lights were on the house in perfect (read non-duplicated) order, our snow in the yard was just right. Then we had grandchildren and here is what happened to our house. Actually, this year is quite a bit better than last year. Opa says it doesn't matter what the house looks like, they will remember this tradition and tell their children, maybe even make one themselves. And maybe their children will have snowmen jumping off the roof, too!

P.S. really think twice about a 5 year old boy and a pastry bag full of royal icing.

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