Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

No pictures today but I've been thinking about this new year. I took down my FO's for 2007, and started my 2008 list. This got me thinking about what I really want to knit this year( have you checked your queue on Ravelry? mine is getting really scary) what I want to learn, and where I want to go with this blog and the blogs I read. I've read a lot of blogs lately that have been thinking the same thing. Do I want this to just be a journal, a comedy, or a view of my life through rose-colored glasses? Or do I want it to be just for me alone? I do know that I don't want my family reading it right now, I shudder at the thought of what the kids would say!
I have discovered how nice it is to get comments which has me commenting more on other blogs. I've always been a little shy about that, and now I just jump in even if it's only a couple of words.

As for my knitting, which is why this all started, I want to get better at, I really can't say perfect yet, my putting it all together skills. I do hate the seaming up, but I have to do it and do it a little better each time. Or just knit in the round and learn to steek!!!!! That could just scare you into seaming. Anyway, it's just the beginning of the new year and there are so many places we can go and things we can see.

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