Thursday, July 17, 2008

Waiting for Water to Boil

I have nothing to talk about, well not about knitting anyway. I'm knitting socks and while I like knitting socks, watching it is like waiting for water to boil or watching paint dry; not too exciting. I do have these pictures of Reese wearing Katja from Knitty. I made it in Cotton Fine and did it in the round to save me from a seam. It was very fast, I liked that, and it looks so cute on her.

I had to get the picture in with the sunglasses, it makes us all laugh to see them. She likes them I guess, she fusses when they slide off her nose.

And here are the socks. Spring Forward from Knitty in Opal on size one needles. Very easy pattern to memorize. My third pair for Socks of Summer 2008.

I'll probably get them done before the deadline but I won't get them on line in time for the contest. Oh well, next time. And I just noticed they almost match my tangled yoke cardigan.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, she looks adorable, and like such a cool chick in her shades!

Sara said...

That is the darlingest thing ever! Oh, and the sweater is cute, too :-)

Karen said...

What a cute baby! and she is adorable in her glasses. I love love love the knitted sweater, too.

Marie said...

Not to say that your sweater isn't gorgeous, but Katia would look adorable in anything. She's such a cutie! said...

The Katya on Reese is an easy sell! If I knit one will I get a lovely round tummied little g'daughter too? And those sunglasses--my girls would NOT keep them on when we tried, so I guess it's just a matter of personality. Socks are cuddly looking too--happy knitting and grandmothering.

MicheleLB said...

The Katja sweater is adorable on Reese, but Reese is adorable, anyway. Love the shades!

Your sock is darn good looking, too. I think I'm going to have to make some of those.

I know what you mean about waiting for water to boil. I love starting things, and blogging them, but then I have to finish them and there could be a long time in between!