Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saving the Planet One Market Bag At a Time (or how I'm going to make my family green)

Mr Truck and I make quite an effort to be green. We actually discuss the ways we are green and what we can do to improve. We compost, recycle, hang out our clothes, changed all our lightbulbs to CFL's, I could go on. But one of the things that really concerns me is plastic bags. So as I mentioned before, I've knit some market bags. I like this one best because of the knitted on icord handles. It's Elisa's Nest Tote and I've made it from Peaches & Creme Cotton with size 10 needles for the body and size 5 for the icord, and whatever crochet hook I own. The handles aren't stretchy at all and that's the part I like.

Our grocery store actually gives us five cents back for every bag we bring ourselves. And, in case you didn't know, Ikea is charging for plastic bags. We save all our bags and bring them back to the grocery store recycling bin but not everybody does this. And there are way too many bags everywhere. Have you seen this:

Plastic bags consumed this year:

So I've decided to make some of these for my not so green family this Christmas and I'm going to nag encourage them to use them. If it kills us.


Kimberly said...

I'm with you, I despise having all those plastic bags around. I bought a half dozen canvas totes from the local grocery last year when they were pretty cheap - about a buck. Youngest loves taking them to use, Husband not so much.
I haven't had the urge to make my own yet but I do recall there is a pattern out there that uses the bags to make a market bag. Hummm - maybe I'll find it and make a couple for holiday presents for a few family members.
BTW - love the colors of the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pattern, and what a great idea, making them for Christmas presents. I think people in my family would really like that - I might make a few in really funky colours for people.

And your plastic bag counter is really scary, the numbers move so quickly!