Monday, May 26, 2008

This and That

It was a beautiful holiday weekend! Three busy days. Lots of gardening, finally and some knitting. Two parades and a barbeque. Too bad it has to end. I belong to the greencraft group on Ravelry and we've been having a market bag KAL, a very relaxed one, I must say. Exactly my kind. It's here if you want to check it out. I made two of them, this one is Saturday Market Bag out of Peaches and Creme and I've used it already. We have a little market within walking distance that has all kinds of things, fruit, veggies, fish, cheese, flowers, ethnic foods, things I don't even know how to cook or eat for that matter but it's always fun to shop there and I got to use my new bag. One less plastic bag. We bought tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, an onion and some macaroni salad and it all fit in.

knitting 267 (2)

I finished this sweater for Reese. Ribbed jacket by Debbie Bliss in Cottonease, leftovers from other projects but I like it. It's a little big now but she'll grow.

knitting 262

I also made these booties and a buddy bunny for a new baby. The booties are Christine's booties but I've been making them since my last baby, a very long time ago. I've always loved them. I make a twisted tie instead of a crocheted or braided one, probably because it's more fun to do. Mr. Truck holds the ends while I stand across the room and twist away. Sometimes he lets go but he's getting better with all the practice.

knitting 261

We bought some annuals for the front walk and some vegetables for the garden and planted them. I spent a lot of time taming the rampant raspberries, they were marching into the vegetable garden. We admired the strawberries knowing the squirrels will eat them all before we do and I picked rhubarb and made a strawberry rhubarb pie. So good!

knitting 263

Then I spent a very long time trying to get a picture of this rhododendron, it has been beautiful the last few days. But the picture doesn't do it justice. How do you capture the red?

knitting 264

On Memorial Day, our town has a parade which goes right past our house. It's a small town, about one square mile, so the parade is really short. Then we rushed over to the next town to see Olivia and Evan march in their parade. Olivia with the girl scouts and Evan with the baseball teams. They were so cute. Later we went to Reese's house for a barbeque. Like I said, a beautiful holiday weekend. Hope yours was, too.

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PrincessPea said...

So much gorgeousness all in one post! I love the bag, I've been thinking of making one like this, so thanks for the inspiration!