Saturday, May 3, 2008

Look What's Up

It's not a nice weekend and I so wanted to go out and play in my garden. Things are happening so fast there this time of year. Instead of playing outside, I'll show you what it looks like.

I wish I could put smells on the internet. This smells so sweet. Viburnum carlesii, I don't know any common name for it and it's hard to find but so worth it. This one is right outside our back door and the fragrance is so nice going in or out.

Bleeding hearts, I showed my children and now the grandchildren how to turn the flowers upside down to make the lady in the bathtub.

Candytuft, but I like the Latin, Iberis sempervirens, better. Always green and it is green all year. The white is so white and there is a grape hyacinth peeking out, must be a volunteer.

And this is our sad bird story. The robins built a nest on our light and we were really worried about a fire. Mr. Truck braved the scary ladder to make sure it was OK and we decided to leave it but the next night there was a storm and the nest blew down. At least the robins have time to make another.

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