Sunday, May 18, 2008

J is For

three men whom I love.

Son-in Law. Reese's daddy, Cherry Pie's DH. He came into our family and fits in, not an easy thing to do. He loves my daughter and now we have Reese. He's a good man.

Son, not son of my body, but son of my heart. I was determined to love him and he made it so easy. He gave us DDIL and Olivia and Evan to love. He has become a good man. We weren't so sure about that during the teenage years. Jay.

Mr. Truck. There aren't enough words to say how I feel about him. He can't dance or sing, he isn't a flashy dresser, but he makes the coffee every morning, he vacuums, and he puts everything away. He calls me to make sure I get to work and he supports all my crazy ideas. He finds everything and he fixes everything. We've had good times and the worst of times and he's been my rock through them all. He gave me his children to love and he loves mine like they're his own. He's only done one romantic thing ever and he actually tried to take it back but he can't. I have the proof because he bought me a sun dial with his words on it: "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." He's the best man of all. You know him as Mr. Truck, but I call him Jerry.


RedScot said...

Hi! Thank you for your suggestions for the socks on my blog - I'll be trying that out very soon! I love your post about the 3 J's!

Nicola (RedScot)

PrincessPea said...

What lucky men to be so appreciated! My man makes the tea every morning and also puts stuff away. To me, these actually are the most romantic gestures, what I call the 'romance of the everyday', precisely because doing these things involves thinking about the other person and what they might need or want what might make their day a bit better, or just what would make them happy.