Saturday, May 10, 2008

I is for Ice Cream Club

When the grandchildren were very small, we started going for ice cream. Somehow, I don't remember who started saying it, we became "The Ice Cream Club." The members vary but always include Olivia and Evan and we almost always go to Blizzard Island. This time it was just me, Mr. Truck, and the kids. Olivia said we were rescuing them.

I got my usual chocolate shake and Mr. Truck quickly made his decision: chocolate chip mint in a sugar cone.

Olivia had to read all the flavors before she made her decision.

Evan headed straight to the birthday cake flavor.

In a cone.

Olivia finally decided, cookie dough in a cup with chocolate sprinkles.

And since this blog is mostly about knitting, here's the knitted ice cream cone I made for Reese. Pretty soon she'll be a member of the Ice Cream Club too. When she learns how to eat.


PrincessPea said...

This is my idea of the perfect grandmotherly activity. So cute that you made a knitted ice cream cone! My grandmother used to knit clothes for my dolls, and it always felt so special to have these things made specially for my 'babies'!

Mary said...

The knitted ice cream cone is just precious!

nanaknits said...

Love the knitted ice cream cone.

Danielle said...

I agree with Evan birthday cake flavor is yummy! Love the knitted ice cream cone too :-)

Angel said...

I'm curious: Does Reese try to eat the cone??? can just imagine her LOLOL