Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look What's Up

It's May but it feels like April, chilly and damp but the flowers love it. So does the grass, Mr. Truck is busy cutting it all the time. I love the flowers this time of year, some of my favorites bloom in May. Right now the roses are almost ready but there's lots of other flowers here.

Azalea, I have no idea what variety, it came with the house and was HUGE. I had to prune it back to a normal size.

The corner of my shade garden with the rhododendron, wood hyacinth and my volunteer columbines.



These iris are originally from my mother's garden and I've had them at four houses now.

More iris.

And a close up of the rhododendren.


Becki said...

Gosh, your irises are gorgeous!

PrincessPea said...

SO pretty - I love the little glimpses of your picket fence behind the flowers! said...

Your garden groweth! Gorgeously. I love those rhodies--remind me of the great Pacific NW where much of my family is/is from.And I loved your paean to the J guys in your life. Your DH sounds like a keeper!!