Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Serious Flaw

I just made these slippers from Knit 2 Together and I need to felt them.

Discover the Serious Flaw. If you remember my washing machine saga, I have a brand new front loading washing machine that washes my woolies. And it does a beautiful job. But it doesn't agitate much. That means no felting. At least not after three tries. What to do, what to do? Can't ask the DDIL, she has the same washing machine. My neighbors will think I'm crazy. Ah, take a trip to Cherry Pie's house, use the baby as an excuse, show up with a wet pillow protector with wet slippers in it and a pair of dripping old jeans. Use her washing machine. Play with the baby. All better now.

Wait three days for them to dry.


Becki said...

Haha, nice solution! Always nice to have a baby to visit as an excuse to use their washing machine...

PrincessPea said...

That's so funny! Did you fess up and tell her what was in the pillow protector?