Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Sinking Feeling

I've been trying to use up the bits in my stash and baby clothes can
be great for that. Not that I have a huge stash, mind you, just a little. My queue is another thing. I may have to leave that in my will. So I have some
skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine that I really liked using before but none of them is quite a full skein. What little sweater can I knit for Reese? Bow-tied Bolero by Debbie Bliss would be just perfect. My math skills not so perfect, but I bet I can just make it. I finish the back, both fronts, and the edging and on to the little sleeves, will I have enough? I keep knitting despite that sinking
feeling that I'm just not going to quite make it. One sleeve done. Eight
rows short on the second one. Check the stash, I have a little little bit
of the same color left, still have that sinking feeling. No still not
enough. Rip out both sleeves, do more math, make both sleeves a little
shorter. How long are her arms anyway?

Whew, just enought with this much left over.

My question is, when I really know deep down in my heart it's not enough, what makes me keep knitting in denial of that fact?


PrincessPea said...

It does look cute, and she doesn't need full length sleeves - it's summer soon, right?

I love the idea of leaving your queue in the will! It started me imagining who to bequeath prospective projects to. Could be a great double-edged sword, eg,leaving a complicated fair-isle to someone who's always annoyed you and has no patience. Brilliant!

Allison said...

First off, Princess Pea's idea - muah ha ha!
Your bolero is simply darling! I think the ecstatic feeling you get when you have made a project despite the yardage not cooperating is worth the frogging! Congrats!