Saturday, January 3, 2009

A is for the Agony of the Tech Support

It all started with this last week.

I broke one of the last two coasters we own. Being a knitter I thought I'd just knit some, so I found these. Now just print out the pattern with the new wireless printer Mr. Truck gave me for Christmas. We had set it up and printed before and it was a beautiful thing. No more running up the stairs with the laptop and plugging everything in. (Mr. Truck is very worried that I'll fall down the stairs and hurt the laptop.) But this time it didn't print. Somehow the printer had lost it's connection. After six hours with tech support, it printed two pages and never printed again. Back to the store it went.

We got a different printer but it wouldn't connect to anything. Best Daughter Ever's fiance (who is an IT person for a very famous something you would recognize) spent hours here and couldn't figure it out but we ended up with three routers because now we couldn't connect to the internet without being plugged in. We called the router tech support, the internet tech support, and finally the computer tech support. We reset everything, restored some things and did config ip a lot but it seems that the laptop has lost it's ability to connect to the internet wirelessly and needs some sort of a transplant at the laptop hospital. So I can only connect by plugging in and now I'm stuck upstairs in the office. But we have a diagnosis and hope.

Mr. Truck gave me this, too.

And again, I needed tech support. This time it was in the form of two teenagers. Great niece and nephew (they are really great, in more ways than one, their father is our nephew) showed me in less than five minutes how to work my shuffle. Much easier kind of tech support. "Aunt Sue, just do this. See? It's easy." And it is.

I've even downloaded a book for a little read along/knitalong in preparation for our next Outlander swap and I've cast on the Dragonfly socks. And, inspired by Amanda, I've knit a mitten and part of the other one, too. But I have to say that calling tech support all the time does interfere with the rest of my life including the knitting.

And if you're wondering about the fiance part, the wedding is in March.


pdxknitterati said...

Congrats to BDE on her engagement! Or more properly, "felicitations" according to Miss Manners.

Sorry about the tech support. My best tech support around here is the Teen.

PrincessPea said...

Ugh - it's such a pain when the technology doesn't work! The mitten is cute though!

Iron Needles said...

I feel your pain! And is these same aggravating 'wonders' that opened our world up to Ravelry and blogging and getting to know those we would have never met otherwise.

Marie said...

Neat toys, but I'm sorry you had such trouble with them. Hopefully, you'll get the printer sorted out soon.

Aim said...

Don't you hate the way keeping the 'puter running can suck away all your time? I get so aggravated when I have to spend that kind of time working on it. Best of luck with that. The shuffle looks cool--I need one of those! And look, you did get some knitting fit in afterall!!! Lovely mitten =)

RedScot said...

I feel your agony - French tech support usually leaves me wanting to re-introduce the guillotine to the populace.

Hope the lappy gets well soon! (I love the part where you say Mr Truck is concerned about the lappy falling downstairs, but not you! Bad Mr Truck!)