Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knitting Guilt

I think we've all done it. Gotten to the end of a project and then gotten distracted or bored or just busy. After the big Christmas rush, two of my projects just got put aside. I couldn't forget them because they were sitting there mocking me. This one was sitting next to the computer cabinet waiting to be sewn together. It was even blocked once. All I had to do was seam it up.

And this one was next to the bed staring at me every night. Almost done, just the button bands and the seams.

So when I couldn't stand the guilt any more I made myself sit down and just finish them. Here's the Peapod for Reese. In yellow this time.

And the Apres Surf Hoodie for me. This took a long time to knit but it wasn't really hard. Thin yarn on very small needles, but the lace pattern is easily memorized. The yarn is Beaverslide Light Sport Weight and it's a single ply. It's a bit coarse and has some stuff in it, I think it's straw or sticks or something. But when it's washed, it just blooms beautifully and is soft and a bit fuzzy but not too much to hide the stitch pattern. I love it.

And it's a good thing I finished Reese's sweater. She has officially outgrown all but one sweater that I've made her and Cherry Pie says she needs more. Poor baby has to wear store bought sweaters and my reputation will suffer.


PrincessPea said...

I love the hoodie on you - it's such a nice pattern, and you chose such pretty yarn. Well done for finishing it!

Iron Needles said...

Love the hoodie...and can't have baby wear store bought sweaters! Must...knit....more!!!

amanda said...

I love your hoodie. Cosy but lightweight too. :)

pdxknitterati said...

The hoodie is gorgeous! And so is Reese.

Stacie said...

I was going to say that guilt and knitting don't belong near each other in a headline, but I guess it's guilt that kicks me in the butt too when I leave something too long. I love how cute the yellow sweater is (and the darlin' who'll wear it!).

maryeb said...

LOL, I thought I was the only one who had feelings of guilt over unfinished projects.
Not always enough to motivate me to finish them, though :)
Congrats on finishing yours. You did a wonderful job.

maryeb said...

I just added you to the Kreativ Blogger Award list.
You do such a lovely job with your blog.

Marie said...

Good for you for finishing both of the sweaters. They came out great!

I typically just hide the projects I don't want to finish.