Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lazy Weekend

We didn't do too much last weekend, sort of a lazy, sit on the couch and watch movies kind of weekend. I did manage to knit this bonnet for a co-worker's new baby girl. It's a really fun pattern and there's a great tutorial on the figure 8 cast on.

I made these Mary Jane's for the baby, too. I used up some of that left over yarn, you know the bits you can never throw out. I have to do something with the ends and get buttons.

I finished my Nutkin socks. I really like how the pattern changed the look of the self-striping yarn.

I bought these shoes. So comfy and you can see my socks.

And I bought a dress for BDE's wedding next month. It's so funny, it matches our living room in Delaware. I brought Mr. Truck with me and he's really good to take shopping. First, he doesn't let me take more than three dresses to try on because I'll get too confused. Second, if it doesn't look good he tells me right away. "Take it off, it looks like a potato sack." "Take it off, you look pregnant!" This isn't always a pleasant experience but he's always right. This was his pick and I think it looks pretty good.

After shopping, we went home and sat on the couch some more. We did see some pretty good movies, though.


pdxknitterati said...

The socks look great! What kind of shoes are those? They show a good amount of sock!

Stacie said...

Cute baby hat. I'm looking up that pattern! And I wanted to tell you your Mr. Truck and my husband now have something in common besides knitting wives. DH bought a 2001 Dakota last weekend so he can tow a camper for little mini vacations, with or without me. I'd never have imagined that man owning a pickup truck but you know it suits him! I don't let him pick out my dresses though. ;^)

PrincessPea said...

The baby knits are too cute! And I love your socks, what beautiful colours!

Marie said...

You must have a better relationship with your husband. I would never *ever* take my husband shopping with me.
I love the baby bonnet. It's so cute.