Sunday, February 17, 2008

An Unexpected Honor

When I started my little blog here, I never expected anyone to actually read it. And I am always amazed that anyone does. I didn't even use it in my signature on my comments on the knitlist for a very long time and when I received my invitation to Ravelry, I didn't link it there for a while either. But this past week, Stacie friended me on Ravelry, which is always nice. And when I took a look at her blog, lo and behold, she had added me to her blog roll! Truly amazing! I've returned the favor and although I can't believe it, I am very honored. So thank you Stacie.


Joanne said...

Susan, thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm always thrilled to hear from people. :) Oh, and the bread and milk thing during a snow storm, yeah, it is strange. I mean, you can't even make french toast without eggs and why bother with plain toast without butter or jam!? (this from a person who has all these things available at home, at all times!) said...

awwww! behind the times but thank you for thanking me! I just immediately enjoyed your blog so much and realized that those I list on my blog should be the ones I feel a real affinity for. Happy knitting!