Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday Night Cruise

Friday nights all over America people gather for Cruise Night. Mostly, from what I've seen, it's men with midlife crises. They bring the cars and trucks they idolized in their youth and open the hoods so you can see all the chrome on their motors. They paint them crazy colors and they all have do not touch signs on them. We take Mr. Truck's truck, go out to dinner and then stroll around and look at everyone's cars. Some have accessories.

Some remind me of the man that used to sell vegetables and fruit from his truck when I was just a very little girl.

Some are very strange. This car belongs to

this man. He likes to sing with the DJ.

Some are from the fifties

and some are very new.

Mr. Truck always likes a nice GTO but he's very careful to keep his hands off them.

What he really wants is one of these. I have no idea why.

I like the Model A's

That's because I learned to drive in one and no I'm not that old.

I'm also partial to Minis.

What has this got to do with knitting? Well, I always knit on the way there in the truck but it's very bumpy. A 1954 Chevy pick-up is the reason for the saying "rides like a truck." And Friday night I dropped a bunch of stitches going over a big bump. End of knitting until we got home and I could fix it.


Marie said...

Great cars!

We have a night like that here in Pottstown, but I haven't managed to make it yet. Last two times, it was just way too hot.

twistedinstitches said...

OO OO I like the mini's too. I'm the only one in the family...everyone here likes the hot rod oldies.

Yes, dropped stitches makes NO fun for knit driving...makes me wonder what they did back "when" walking to town and knitting, or in the wagon like in Little House on the Prairie. Lots of yarnovers too, I would guess...LOL!

smariek said...

Wow, that's an interesting mix of cars!

maryeb said...

Amazing photos!! I never think to take my camera.
Now I don't have to go 'cruising' to see some interesting sites.

LOL, I have trouble knitting in the car, so I bet the truck gives you an interesting time.

Iron Needles said...

I went with my sister to a micro car show first of this month! (I took my spinning.) She has an Isetta. Her hubster has a 63 Galaxie. Very different!

Great photos!

PrincessPea said...

Wow - what a fun thing to do! We don't have that in the UK, at least not that I've ever come across, and I'd never heard of it in the States before either. Some of those vehicles were amazing - thanks so much for sharing the photos!

Minding my own stitches said...

I know what you mean about the bumps! I knit while DH is driving, but I'm never sure that I make any useful progress. And I can't even imagine knitting while walking or in a wagon! Yikes!

CTJen said...

Ooh, that is a bummer, although all those old (and interesting) cars are very very cool! I especially enjoyed the VW mini bus decked out to look like a caboose. (That was what it was supposed to be, right?)

Darcie said...

Dropped stitches in a vehicle are beyond frustrating! Better take 2 UFO's next time so you dont have to be knittingless! :)