Wednesday, September 3, 2008

End of Summer of Socks 2008

My KAL mania is drawing to a close. Ravelympics is done and now it's September, so Socks of Summer 2008 is officially over. I didn't win a prize but I had a lot of fun and I knit five pairs of socks. Two are Christmas presents and that's convenient. One is a toe up pattern, that's new for me. Three are for me and I like that.

So now I'm moving on to the swap stage. Have you read the Outlander Series? I read the first one in the early 1990's and I've been hooked ever since. There's an Outlander Group on Ravelry and we're having an Outlandish Swap. So this may become my new addiction, you never know.


MicheleLB said...

I loved the first Outlander book, the second was pretty good, but as the series went on it got more and more fantastical. The heroine became more invincible in every book, kind of like what happened to Ayla in the Clan of the Cave Bear series. But still enjoyable.

Not ready for handspun said...

Your socks look great ... all those rich reds!

PrincessPea said...

It's been fun watching as you knit all these socks! Bet it feels good to have some Christmas knitting under your belt already!

maryeb said...

You've been nominated for a Brilliant Blog Award.
You have such a fun and interesting blog:)

VicJoRob said...


Love the socks. Do I see a set with cables? Yes, swapping can be addicting. I know I'm loving the time I spend getting to know folks like you. Glad to have you in our clan.