Friday, September 5, 2008

Q is for

I've got no Q. I've wracked my brain, read every q in the dictionary, asked for help and I have no q. I thought Q is for quilt but I don't quilt. I bought this in the Amish country. It's a teeny tiny quilt in a frame. It's all I could afford. The Amish quilts are amazing and worth every penny but way over my budget.

Evan and Olivia's mommy has made some quilts but they're hers. She made this one for me for Christmas. A quilt and a matching pillow. I love it, especially because she made it.

It has a pocket for my feet.

And then I realized I do have a Q. Actually, a queue, bigger than most. I have 243 projects in my queue and I keep adding. I want to make everything but probably I won't. I keep saying that I'm leaving my queue in my will.

If you look closely, there are nine, count 'em nine, pages in my queue. Is that a record?

So I do have a Q after all and it was staring me in the face all the time.


Aim said...

Snicker. (blush) Um. Not to brag or anything so grossly self-serving...but your queue is cute. Mine is rampantly out of control, with 58 pages of 1722 items I WANT to make.
I'm going to go hide my face in shame now 0.o

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I don't quilt either but I LOVE both of your quilts!

amanda said...

Oh I should think in terms of Ravelry queues you still a wee beginner with your 9 pages! There are definitely members with thousands queued!

Love the quilt with foot pockets btw. Inspired!

Iron Needles said...

Well. I was GOING to comment about your queue length, but I see by the other comments you are not even in the running.

I am such a baby....I have maybe 28things in my queue.

MicheleLB said...

Um, I have 10 items in my queue...but I have to be very serious about an item before I queue it!

RedScot said...

I have to second the love for the quilt with the pocket! Brilliant idea! The Amish quilt in the frame is beautiful, too!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think that might be a record! I've just checked, and there are 49 in my queue at the moment, but really some of them are more favourites than queue items.