Monday, October 6, 2008

No Sheep for Me

As a warm up to Rhinebeck, Mr. Truck and I went to the New Jersey Sheep & Fiber Festival this weekend. There were lots of sheep. Mr. Truck would not let me get one but I pet them all.

This one wouldn't pose very well but I really liked his horns.

There were bunnies

and llamas, or is this an alpaca? I got a little confused.


Mr. Truck loved the herding dogs.

Our dogs are so not smart compared to these dogs.

But he liked the funnel cake the best.

We met cheekeyredhead and Zarzuela and I bought some beautiful roving from Zarzuela and a spindle. And some plain roving to practice on. We met a bunch of other Ravelers, too and now Mr. Truck realizes that my friends don't just live in my computer, they're real. And we really looked at the spinning wheels.

I also got some really nice yarn for my swap, but it's a secret. (hint)


amanda said...

Yes my husband was quite stunned to find Ravelers were not just virtual too!!

Kimberly said...

My DH always asks how many sheep I'll be bringing home with me - LOL.
True story-went to NH S&W with a good friend and we saw 2! baby alpaca's. She looked at me and said she would ride home on the roof of my car if I wanted to buy them.
I'll be at Rhinebeck on Sunday. I'll be rolling in on a bus with about 50 of my closet fiber friends. Hope to see you there.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you had such a good time. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Enjoy your goodies. :)

Iron Needles said...

I love funnel cakes...oh, and fiber too! And I think that's a llama. They are head and shoulders taller than alpacas.

Fiber Deviant said...

wow... great pics... looks like you had a great time!

of course, how could it go wrong with sheep and funnel cakes?

thanks for visiting my blog! (btw, the body of the ladybug bag is knit on a loom... i just cant seem to grasp knitting on needles!) there are also some crochet embellishments... i am thinking of weaving a pocket for it on my weave it.

maryeb said...

Looks like a fun time.
Those sheep are gorgeous and so is that yarn :)

Ceci said...

That's a llama -- I always think of llamas as "llama mama" so I'll remember they're the big ones, and alpacas are the little, adorable-faced ones.

Aren't herding dogs the coolest? I'm just so happy when I see them herding, rather than on a chain in my neighbor's yard... grrrr. (But that's another story.)

Ceci9293 from Rav's Blog comment train

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

yummm, funnel cake... :D

PS.. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Marie said...

Maple of Northstar Alpacas taught me how to tell alpacas apart from llamas. "An alpaca has straight ears. A llama has curved ears, often called banana shaped." Looks like you have a llama (or you took a pic of one since the hubby wouldn't let you take it home).

So, this is where you found your new spindle. The roving is gorgeous! I hope you have fun spinning.

Jackie said...

Love, love, love how Mr. Truck now understands Ravelry!