Sunday, October 19, 2008


My first trip to Rhinebeck and I don't even know how to begin to describe it. The trip wasn't too long, the weather was beautiful, cool enough for sweaters, the scenery was amazing, and the fall foliage was just perfect. And the fiber, there aren't enough words to describe it. The only thing missing was funnel cakes. I had promised Mr. Truck funnel cakes and all they had was fried dough. Which was close but not quite as good.

We saw lots of sheep, I liked this one a lot.

Some of the sheep were in pens,

some were being judged (although they honestly looked all the same to me),

and some were getting haircuts. She didn't mind at all, I asked.

And quite a few were being herded by dogs. That was Mr. Truck's favorite part, he loves the dogs. And I had no idea sheep could run that fast. There were also rabbits, and llamas, and alpacas. And I can now tell the difference between the llamas and the alpacas. I think the alpacas have cuter faces.

I saw the most amazing yarn and sweaters and felted things, and weaving and spinning and crocheting. And the most wonderful sweaters and scarves and socks that people were wearing. I also talked to someone who saw the Yarn Harlot at the ATM machine but I didn't see her. I did see Franklin autographing books.

But the best part of all was the knitters. It was so fun talking to everyone about knitting. And the best part of meeting the knitters was the Ravelry meet-up. I was so happy so see everyone even though I don't know anyone without their Ravatars.


Iron Needles said...

I am just going to sit here and pout and be jealous while reading all these blog posts of ravelers who were there.

Humph! Well, I do get the Estes Park Wool Market...

Did you get any good booty????

pdxknitterati said...

Fiber festivals are the best part of fall! But Rhinebeck looks like the be-all and end-all, the big daddy of them all. Glad it was a good time!

Marie said...

I was thrilled to meet 2 knitters at the brewfest. I can't imagine meeting a whole group of them. Dan would have had to drag me away.

I need to borrow that sheep costume for trick or treating. It's great!

maryeb said...

Gorgeous foliage and that is one amazing 'sheep'.

PrincessPea said...

It looks fabulous (although quite overwhelming!) Glad you had a good time!