Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T is for Tree

I had an idea for T, but how do you take a picture of time? So I'm going with Mr. Truck's Ginkgo tree. He planted this tree from seeds he found at work about ten years ago. It spent its childhood in a pot buried in the garden and when we moved, it came with us to a new garden. A few years ago it was shorter than I am, but we decided to give it a permanent spot by the road. Apparently, it's happy because it's about doubled its size and grows taller and fuller each year. And the kids have stopped teasing us about the "stick" we planted.

The Latin name is Ginkgo biloba because of the two lobes on the leaves. It's a very old species and it's supposed to help memory. Unfortunately, we have no idea which part of the tree we're supposed to eat so we're as forgetful as ever.

We have more baby trees growing, now. I have no room for them so we're going to put them up for adoption when they're bigger. These two are about 18 months old now, and we can't tell if they're boys or girls but if you want to adopt one, let me know.


Marie said...

I love my neighbor's gingko tree. It's beautiful this time of year.

amanda said...

I love gingko. Love those frilly leaves!

maryeb said...

LOL. Sounds just like something I would do, forget which part of the tree is good for improving memory.

It's a lovely tree with a great story.