Monday, June 22, 2009

L is for Llama

On Sunday I went to a fiber festival at Woodsedge Wools Farm. I met up with Pam(mackenzieknits55 on Ravlery) and we saw this baby llama. It's only one day old.

And it's mama.

There is an amazing barn on the property and there was lots of fiber to see and touch.

There were alpacas, which are just so cute.

And bunnies. One person was spinning right from the bunny.

Of course there were spinning wheels. This is the kind I always see in my mind when I think of spinning wheels.

I knit on size 50 needles, really strange, but fast.

And I got to weave on a loom. It was much easier than I thought.

I bought some beautiful yarn and some honey soap and Pam fed me lunch, thanks Pam the sandwich was great! I really enjoyed it. And then we went out to dinner for Father's Day. The sun finally came out, too, which made it almost a perfect weekend. Oh and I almost forgot, Reese and I found out we have matching sneakers.


Henya said...

The lamas are so cute. It does not get much better than a day at the fiber fest. Oh, and I love the snickers.

Anna said...

Such a cute baby llama! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Alexandra said...

What a fun weekend! The baby llama is adorable. I like the bunny too!

Iron Needles said...

All I could think of, besides how cute the baby was...was that it was a llama mmamma!


Kimberly said...

Baby Llama's! Bunnies! Spinning wheels! (BTW, I have a Traditional and love it!) AND matching shoes. If that was me, that day would have been in my top 5.

Kathy said...

Your little Reese is already way ahead of the game! I have yet to attend a fiber festival anywhere---

What a fabulous outing you had!

Susan said...

Kimberly, wait for my next post!

New Jersey Home Energy Solutions said...

They are adorable! Thick fur! :)