Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shhh, it's a secret!

A couple of weekends ago, BDE and I met for lunch and a trip to an LYS I hadn't been to before. I was looking for sock yarn for a KAL that's starting soon. And I found some beautiful Malabrigo in a green called Lettuce. I can't stop petting it.

BDE, who is afraid of wool, actually had a good time walking around picking yarn up and looking at it. She really liked some of the sock yarn, so being a good mother, I offered to make her a pair of socks. What she really wanted was another pair of pedicure socks instead so we checked out all the yarn. She decided that the Regia Silk Color was really soft and not itchy at all. And I totally lied and told her that was because it's silk. You see, she's not allergic to wool, she just thinks it's itchy and if she doesn't know it's wool then it won't be itchy. So don't tell her.

Pedicure socks are quick and fun and don't take much yarn at all. I don't use a pattern I just start late and end early on my plain vanilla sock pattern.


pdxknitterati said...

That lettuce is beautiful, and the beads will make it even more fun. What is it going to be?

I love pedi socks; just enough coverage! Yours are very vibrant!

Anonymous said...

I love Malabrigo Lettuce! I have a skein and it is lovely. I had never seen pedi socks before, though they do make sense to me! :)

maryeb said...

You are sneaky, using strategic deception just like a good mom.

I like the pattern the yarn made in your pedi socks. I'm going to look on ravelry for the sock pattern. It's one I haven't heard of.

Ahhh, Malabrigo. What more can I say :)

Marie said...

LOL! I think you made the right choice. If somebody thinks wool is itchy, they simply haven't sampled all the lovely types of wool out there. I hope you break down her defense.

Knit n Sew Studio by Debbie said...

The lettuce is beautiful. Green is one of my favorite colors and that shade is Awesome. Love the beads that match. Can't wait to see your WIP with this yarn.

Henya said...

I love this color. With the beads, I am sure it will become a wonderful sock.
Your Pedi sock is cute, I should make my sister one of those abbreviated socks.

Anna said...

The malabrigo looks delicious, especially with the beads! Can't wait to see what you decide to make with it. And your comment about your daughter being afraid of wool really made me giggle! Hope she doesn't read your blog and find out the awful truth about the socks! (Love them too, by the way.)

Kathy said...

He he! You're secret's safe with us. ;)
Your pedi socks are soooo pretty and fun! I tried a pedi sock on at a craft store demo recently. They're very comfortable. I can see why your BDE requested them!

And your Malabrigo and beads... exquisite! I'm going to back- click now, and stare at them some more. ;)