Monday, July 27, 2009

More Spinning

I've been spinning away. And I think I've got it now. Back in the fall I bought this beautiful roving from Jessica and I never got the hang of the spindle. But I've been practicing on the wheel and I made real yarn. Not good yarn but I can knit with it.

So I plied it all up and got this.

And then I set the twist and it looked like this.

And now it looks like this. Not perfect but I think I'm going to make this hat for Reese with it.

The yarn I'm working on now is really better, even Mr. Truck noticed.

And in case you wondered, I'm knitting socks. I'm almost done with the first one. They're Eunice by Cookie A. and they're quite challenging, also a bit shorter than I'm used to. I've been working on size 0 needles and I've snapped one already doing one of the cables. I just need to buy metal needles, the bamboo ones are really like toothpicks.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, love the pink handspun!

Good luck with your Eunice! I just finished mine and they are so worth it. Beautiful results! :)

Anonymous said...
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maryeb said...

I'm very impressed with your spinning skill. I've never quite gotten the knack of it.

That blue yarn is a beautiful colorful. Even more impressive that Mr. Truck noticed, can't say my yarn ever gets noticed. But then that's not all bad :)

kitschystitch said...

OOOH! The handspun cotton candy looks like fuzzy deliciousness. *LOVE*

Marie said...

There is such a satisfaction that I get knitting with yarn that I have spun.
The pink yarn looks great, especially for your first real attempt on the wheel.

Iron Needles said...

Very good effort! I find it funny that I can look at roving and love it, but the resulting yarn looks nothing like I imagine it from the roving. Same thing often happens with yarn and the FO. Imagining roving to FO? Too big a leap!