Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not for the faint of heart

Eunice by Cookie A., not the easiest sock I've ever knit. Not impossible or I wouldn't be posting about them, but not easy. Definitely a challenge. Socks that require a lot of attention. And that break bamboo size 0 needles. And now that they're done I realize that they're not mine. I really thought they were. The yarn is really nice, although the colorway is called Koi in a Blender and that creeps me out a bit. The pattern is amazing, I especially like how the cable goes down into the heel. But they're a bit short and they don't really go with any of my clothes so they're telling me they aren't mine.

I think I know whose they are though. Someone who always wants to see my socks and loves every pair. I think she'll like them. But I have to wash them first because I had to try them on just to make sure. I really hope the next pair are mine.


kadezmom said...

Thanks for a heads up on that pattern. I'm sure I'm going to go for it someday, but I'll make sure it's a stay at home pair of sock and not a do it on the road pair. They do look lovely...and I agree on the name of the yarn. How about Koi all mixed up!

Marie said...

The socks are so pretty. I'm sorry you won't be keeping them. They'll make a great xmas present for sure.

maryeb said...

Oh, they are lovely. And the name of the yarn amuses me. What a clever mind came up with that one.

Good to know that Eunice is a hard pattern. I think I'll start with one of her easier patterns. Maybe 'Sunshine', I think that's the name of it.

Iron Needles said...

Those are great. I am enjoying the knitting (and spinning) of others vicariously. Too caught up in the quilting/sewing prep of the grandbebes for right now to do anything but knit dishclothes.

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