Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Sweater

Not the best pictures, I have the same problem as Sara, it's the photographer. Mr. Truck just doesn't get what I want in a picture but he tries.

This is the Printed Silk Cardigan from IK. I made it in Plymouth Yarn Wildflower D.K. and although the yarn was really really splitty I like the end result.

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I followed the pattern exactly except I knit it all in one piece to the armholes which meant I had to take out the selvage stitches except I left one in at each side and purled those to make a faux seam. And I made a hem so it wouldn't roll. Oh, and I lengthened the bodice so the empire waist would be where it should be on me. But other than, I swear it's just like the pattern, except I did shorten the sleeves a bit.

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It's very comfortable and it's one that I've gotten quite a few compliments on.


photoknitdog said...

It looks beautiful! Great job!!!

kadezmom said...

it's beautiful. If you don't get compliments on's because the viewer is BLIND!!!!!

Sara said...

It's awesome! Mr. Truck is a much better FOtographer. I bet he doesn't whine about it either.

Not ready for handspun said...

Wow! That's really nice! Well done.

Diane said...

I love it, very nice! I love how you did it exactly as the pattern, LOL!

Iron Needles said...

I can see why you have gotten compliments on it. It's gorgeous. Excellent work.

Susan said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Susan said...

Thank you Susan!