Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm In Love

With CPW's. Last weekend, during one of the worst nor'easters I've ever driven in, Jesh had a Canadian Production Wheel Spin-in in Roselle, NJ which is about 15 miles from me. Lisa, Marcy, Fran, and Rosane brought their beautiful wheels. And I am in serious love with them (the wheels not the people.) There were other wheels. too, Jesh, Leslie, Jess, Hilary, Lisa and Jessica had some really nice wheels and of course I brought mine. But the CPW's are just amazing.

When I got my little antique wheel, Mr. Truck said now I have a wheel for each house and I don't need anymore, but I think I'll be getting one of these some day in the not too distant future. And Marcy is such an enabler that I really can't resist.

And don't forget that I have this as ammunition:

From knitting alone

Three wheels would fit in the truck, no problem.


The Big Burbs... said...

Hey Susan, by my calculations, you'd have to acquire two more wheels to match Mr. Truck's "set of wheels," wouldn't you? ;) ;)
Gosh those CPW's are gorgeous. Actually, that's quite a nice truck, too!

One pair of Hands said...

Just curious. Do they spin any better than your old faithful or do you like them because they're absolutely beautiful? (and who could blame you?)

Susan said...

I think I just love the look of them and the history of them. I don't think they spin any better, or I would spin any better but I love thinking about all the spinners before me.