Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Time Is Right

Michelle made them, Becky made a bunch of them, and actually there are 2686 of them on Ravelry. And every time I saw them I said, I have to make them. But I never got around to it. Until a couple of weeks ago. You see, I made slippers back in May of 2008 and they finally wore out.

Now I could have probably figured out a way to fix them but it's been almost two years and Olivia was asking for slippers. So here are my French Press Slippers. A bit big at first.

But they felted down really well and they are really comfy.

The purple and green are for Olivia, she picked the colors and mine are the leftover green.

So pretty soon there will be 2687 projects on Ravelry.


Not ready for handspun said...

Make that 2688! They look really cute ... I think I'll have to make some for the people on my Christmas list!

cbq said...

i love the purple and green ones! I've made one pair, but i really like the idea of the contrasting bottom. hmmm

Iron Needles said...

Haha! You made them too! Love the pinwheel-y buttons. I thought that was part of the fun of those...picking out the right buttons. I was lucky, too, to has Sister donate from her button stash.

kadezmom said...

I have them queued!!!!! I love them, and now I love them even more. Thanks for posting more encouraging pics!!! Great job. The colors and buttons are just pefect.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! Did you knit flat or did you seam? Enquirin' minds wanna know!