Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seems Like I've Done This Before

I've won a medal! I had just about finished my sweater and it snowed here for two days and I had nothing to do but knit and shovel. Olivia had asked for a poncho and I had already bought the yarn so what could I do but knit it? I sat and knit, between shoveling, and since it was chunky yarn on big needles and she's not so big yet, I got a medal for it.

It's my version of a Very Harlot Poncho with some garter stitch and eyelet to replace the fringe. Wee ones don't do so well with fringe so I'm told.

And then I realized that I had made a poncho before. A long time ago my cousin, another tween, had asked me for a poncho and a hat to match and a very little Cherry Pie had modeled them for me. The picture is dated Winter 1975, but it could be the beginning of 1976, which would have made her a little younger than Reese is now and my cousin would have been almost 12. I had almost forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Both of them! :D

Not ready for handspun said...

What an interesting side by side comparison! How very '70s that first poncho is! Both girls are lucky to have someone to knit for them.

Sara said...

Congrats on the medal. The poncho and model look great!

Mary said...

Cute ponchos! Did you knit a matching hat for the 1975 poncho?