Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forgetting, Exercise and Knitting

When you become (ahem) a lady of a certain age things begin to happen.
One of these things is that you forget. A lot. In my house, there are
stairs. Stairs going up to the bedrooms and stairs going down to the
cellar. My forgetting always involves these stairs. The thing I've
forgotten is always on a different floor than I am. I get almost all
my exercise through forgetting. It's very good for the thighs and
it's good cardio, too. Our nighttime dance always involves me going
up and down the stairs a few times before I can actually stay in the
bed. Mr. Truck finds this amusing. It goes something like this. Turn
off the TV, turn off the lights, go upstairs, take a shower, get in bed,
realize I've forgotten my drink, get up, go downstairs, go upstairs, get
in bed, realize I've forgotten my knitting,get up, go downstairs, go upstairs,
get in bed, realize I've forgotten the pattern, and so on. This happens
every night. The other night I hit an all-time high, or maybe it's an
all-time low. Here's what happened:
Brought the knitting to bed.Something is obviously wrong, where is the yarn going?
Across the bed,

out the door, across the hall,

down the stairs,

more stairs,

accross the foyer,

oh, caught under the coffee table.

Back up the stairs, again.
Does anyone know if Gingko biloba will help?


Sonia said...

That is too funny! It's like a wooly Hansel and Gretel trail!

Lab Cat said...


Just think of all the extra exercise you get.

Gayle said...

This is sooo me! My husband can't get over how many times I get out of bed at night.