Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Stockings

I liked making the Christmas stocking so much I made three of them. One for Reese, one for Little Sister, and one for her husband Swimming Man. It was comfort knitting, that's a lot like comfort food but not fattening at all.

I've been asked about the pattern by Short Old Lady (go visit her blog, she makes beautiful lacy things) and I've tried to Google it. It's not on Ravelry and I can't find anything at all about the designer. I got it free at my LYS when I bought the yarn (remember it was a long time ago) and the LYS has since been sold.

Anyway, I'll share what I know about it and maybe someone else can find out more. It's really a beautiful stocking and very nice to knit. It's a 24 row repeat but easy to remember where you are and it's knit just like a really big sock.

The pattern is called Holly-Aran Christmas Stocking by Pat Clockedile copyright 1991. It was distributed by A Likely Yarn in Yarmouth Maine. And that's all I know.

If anyone finds out anything more, let me know.


Knit - R - Done said...

I like it. Very fancy for Christmas. There was a similar pattern in the old Winter Vogue 2006? I don't know what year but I bet it's available on ravelry.

Sara said...

I celebrate Chanukah and have no use for stockings...but I sooooo want to make these...or any stockings really. Hmmmm. Wonder if I can start a chanukah stocking tradition at my house.

Your stockings are an inspiration!

shortoldlady said...

Wow - it looks fantastic close-up! (I'm reading the short old lady and duh that's me!)

I'm still looking around for this pattern!

Happy Holidays!!

Iron Needles said...

Gorgeous effort.

I loved knitting the Grandbebe Girl a stocking. Big and giant and only one!

Marie said...

Why I was just saying how I needed to knit some stockings for our home because we still have store-bought ones hanging ... and that doesn't seem right in a knitter's home.
Your stockings look amazing!

Diane said...

I'm in love with those stockings. Just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely stocking! We've got needlepoint stockings that we bought when we lived in the States 14 years ago, otherwise I would definitely be knitting some!

cici said...

it's beautiful!!!

amanda said...

Gorgeous! Fantastic stitch definition!