Monday, December 1, 2008

V is for Vaccuum

Have I ever told you that Mr. Truck likes to vacuum? He really does. And I encourage him. We have quite a collection of vacuum cleaners. Aren't they called Hoovers in England? Anyway, this is the one that I use the most. His name is Francois. You push his on button and off he goes and when he's done, he docks himself. He doesn't vaccuum as well as one you push yourself but he's pretty good. He also makes some funny noises to let you know what he's up to. Our cat Penelope used to turn him on in the night. Poor kitty is in kitty heaven now and Phantom is really afraid of Francois.

This is the upright that Mr. Truck uses on the rugs. We have two rugs so I'm not sure why exactly we need this one.

This one is very convenient because it has a really really long cord. You can do the whole house and never unplug it.

Mr. Truck uses this hand held one for the furniture and the stairs. Oh yes, and Duffy, too. Duffy loves to be vacuumed. Dunkin hides from the vacuum.

We actually have a shop vac, too but that's in the garage and it's cold out there so no picture. That makes five vacuums. Have I mentioned that Mr. Truck likes to vacuum?


amanda said...

That's quite a little vacuum thing you've got going there! If only I could get my husband as interested in them! :D

shortoldlady said...

Would Mr. Truck like to go on a busman's holiday?? He can come to my house and use my purple Dyson!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love my Roomba! Getting it was my condition for allowing my family to have a dog. I love watching it going round on its merry way - which kind of defeats the object of saving me time!

Marie said...

Wow. I don't think my husband has used the vacuum in 5 years. I'm envious of your robot.

intelligence said...
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