Monday, April 20, 2009

The Year of the Paint

Last year was the year of the floors. Mr. Truck put all new floors in our house, beautiful cherry downstairs, rosewood upstairs, marble in the condo bathrooms, leftover cherry in the condo kitchen and tile in the entryway. This year is the year of the paint. We used to have a painter named Juan. He was wonderful and then he moved back to Costa Rica to become a land baron. Now I've become Juanita and Mr. Truck is Juan, Jr. We are not as good as Juan. And much messier. But we're cheap. This weekend we painted the dining room, well it's really a dining area, in the condo. We finished the living room and hallway last time. We have a really good way of picking paint. When the fancy-schmancy mall where Mr. Truck works has something painted, which is all the time, there is always leftover paint. Mr. Truck says, "I have 2 gallons of Benjamin Moore HC 83 left, do we like it?" And I look at this.

If we like it, it's ours for free. This is what HC 83 aka Bennington Gray looks like. I see no gray. More of a khaki, but I like it.

Of course there was some knitting. I'm making a Clapotis out of this wonderful yarn. It is heaven to knit.

My amazing spoiler in the Outlander Swap, angoraspinner, spun this beautiful yarn and gave me all these amazing presents, too. I love them all but the handspun is just amazing. Thank you so much, Sally!

Next, we're moving onto our upstairs, but that's a whole nother story.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great gifts! And your room looks very elegant in that colour. Not too grey on my monitor either, but lovely nonetheless!

Mary said...

The dining area looks beautiful! You and Mr. Truck are certainly handy.

Kathy said...

Susan, I think we might have the same color dining room! I love the Benjiman Moore HC colors--- so rich!
Oh what lovely gifts... I have a whole new appreciation for handspun, you know. ;)
Are you knitting with Blue Moon geisha? It looks beautiful.

Not ready for handspun said...

Recycling paint - how very green of you! And it looks very posh!

maryeb said...

Wow you guys are talented. New floors and a lovely paint job.
Too bad you don't live closer, I could use the help!

That yarn is beautiful. What is it? You may have said and I missed it.
I'll go back and take another look.

Anonymous said...

I love the khaki (I also see khaki, not gray)! It looks beautiful, even if Juan didn't paint it. :)

Lovely gifts for you... lucky!

Sara said...

definitely more khaki than gray, but it is nice. Eating must be a pleasure at your house. Such wonderful surroundings!

Iron Needles said...

I love a newly painted room. I love it better when someone else does the work, but I hate having to pay for it...

Love the color of the room, the yarn, and the goodies.

Lucky you!

Marie said...

Would you come over and paint my house next? I keep telling myself I'll get to it once I finish the current project, which is my garden this week.
Love the yarn you are knitting the Clap out of.