Monday, January 11, 2010

Around the House

I saw this meme on Anna's blog and I loved it. She got it from Sonia, who I believe started it. So here goes:

The idea is to wander around your house taking pictures of the following things. Nothing special, just what it looks like at that moment. I love to get a peek of other people's houses, don't you?

In the kitchen
On the nightstand
In your work/craft space
Out the window
What the pets or children are up to
On your feet
Knitting or knitwear in action

In the kitchen, we had pea soup and cornbread for dinner. Nice on a very cold night.

On my nightstand, lots of lotions and books and my latest project.

This is where I sit and spin or knit in the evenings watching TV.

Since there's really nothing good to see out the window, I thought you'd like to see what I look at next to the window. The 31 is the humidity in the house, and that's why I need all that lotion. 63.3 is cool but that's because it's next to the window, the rest of the house is much warmer than that. 31.8 outside is much better than 15 which is what it was when we got up.

What the dogs do most of the time. Duffy was on my bed. Dunkin got a new duck for Christmas and it goes everywhere with him.

What's on my feet, really old socks from Lionbrand Magic Stripes. That yarn lasts forever.

Knitting in actions, my downstairs project in some of my hand spun yarn.

Now show me yours!


maryeb said...

What a fun idea. I love getting a little peek into what other people are doing.

The photo of your dog with his new toy is especially sweet. I can't give our dog anything stuffed. She chews them to bits.

We have a saying at our house 'You can't have your dolly and eat it too'.
Pretty lame I know :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your knitting area is so neat and tidy! I'm not giving you a peek of mine - it's a disaster!

Marie said...

What a great meme! I think I have that exact same stock pot. It gets a lot of use in my kitchen too.

I am envious of your spinning corner. I have been too hot to knit or spin lately. Elly keeps me toasty warm even with the heat turned down in the house.

Anna said...

Love your photos - your house looks so cosy! At some point it would be great to get your recipe for cornbread. It's not that common over here, and it looks yummy!