Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Look at 2009

It started with this roving. Finn wool, called Drugstore Chocolate.

Navajo plied into this yarn.

Knit into this shawl.

Blocked out to this.

And just because everyone else did it, a look back.

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Knits Finished in 2009
* Pillow
* Shawl
* Bentley's Sweater
* 26 no make that 27 Christmas Ornaments
* Mittens
* Black Hat
* Striped Hat
* Pirate Hat
* Owl Hat
* Pixie Hat
* Teeny Tiny Legwarmers
* My Very Own Sweater
* Sunshine Socks
* Baktus
* Baby Beret
* Baby Shrug
* Spring Chicken
* Bruja Socks
* Eunice Socks
* Textured Circle Shrug
* Ishbel
* June Square
* Printed Silk Cardigan
* June Square
* Glynis Socks
* Top Down Bonnet
* Pedicure Socks
* Plain Socks
* May Square
* Mug Cozy
* Clapotis
* April Square
* Cabled Socks
* 3 Sugarless Panoramic Eggs
* March Square
* Courtney's Bit of Blue
* Leyburn Socks
* Nutkin Socks
* February Square
* Ribbon Edge Cardigan
* Mary Jane Booties
* Top Down Bonnet
* Nutkin Socks
* Peapod Sweater
* Dragonfly Socks
* Apres Surf Hoodie
* January Square
* Beanie
* 2 Hats
* Chevalier Mittens
* Dragonfly Socks
* Flora

Now onto the next year in which I will steek.


kadezmom said...

Wow. Great looking products, woman!!!! Thanks for the look back at greatness!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bunch of projects! 2009 was very productive for you. Congrats!

Alexandra said...

Beautiful shawl!

That's a lot of projects! Congratulations! :)

Iron Needles said...


Cow! That's a lot of projects!

Also. E for Excellent on the spinning into knitting into wearing!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's a busy year!

Mary said...

I'm truly impressed with all your projects! WOW! The shawl is just lovely. What a wonderful color!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Very nice!

What are you going to steek? I was just talking to someone about steeks last night, and that I haven't done one yet...

Not ready for handspun said...

My head is spinning ... that's a lot of projects. Did I count a pair of socks every month and dozens of other projects as well? Wow.

Anna said...

Wow - love the shawl, and the progress from batt to finished object! And 45 projects? That is some going!