Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spun to Finished

If you have a really good memory, you might remember my fiber buying at Rhinebeck. This was 3 oz of cormo from Briar Rose, love their colors! And I really like Cormo.

After spinning and plying, it ended up like this. It's still a mystery to me what the roving will turn out to be, maybe other spinners can visualize how the colors will spin up but I'm still happy when it turns out to be yarn.

The colors look so much better in person, but they're really "fall" colors.

And then there's the hunt for a pattern that I can make with a little bit of yarn. Obviously not a sweater and I really don't need another hat. So after searching the patterns on Ravelry I found this one. And after fiddling a bit with gauge and needles and length, I have this. And I used one of my new wood buttons.

The problem is I still have some yarn left. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

No suggestions, but that is a gorgeous neckwarmer. Great job on the spinning!

Mary said...

Gorgeous from start to finish! Perhaps a little headband from the leftover yarn? Or wrist warmers? Or icord it and use as ribbons or curtain tie-backs?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

There is no way I am ever steeking anything - just too scary!

Iron Needles said...

Tee tiny stocking for the tree? Anyway, beautiful spinning to knitting!

Marie said...

Gorgeous yarn!
I love the deep Fall colors.

What about ear warmers? Oh, I see Mary already suggested it: headband. It's a great idea. I own two and love them both.

One pair of Hands said...

Suggestions - Golf club sock. Patch pocket for a plain sweater.
I'm a steek coward too. Well done you.
Oh, look at that. Your spinning wheel is the same as mine. Old faithful has been ticking along for 32 years.