Thursday, June 5, 2008

K is for Knitting at NASCAR

It all started sometime last year. Mr. Truck and I were on our way home
from Delaware and we were passing the Dover International Speedway and
there was a race in progress. He mentioned that he'd like to go to a race someday. So for Christmas I bought him tickets. We've reached that point in life where we really don't need any more things, I just have to dust them anyway. All I told Mr. Truck was he was getting an activity and no, we weren't going skydiving. This past weekend we finally got to go to the race.

Not being NASCAR fans, we had no idea what to expect, I mean we really
didn't even know who Junior was. The girls wanted to know what I would be
doing during the race and of course I said "knitting." "Mom, you can't
knit there!" I can't? How am I going to sit still for 400 laps? Well,
yes I can, there's a NASCAR group on Ravelry and they say I can. So it's off to the race with my knitting. The whole experience was fun...and strange. There were lots of sponsors giving away lots of things and we got them all. Then there was the race, so noisy you can't hear anything. You're in a crowd of 50,000 and no one is talking. Big accident, no one was hurt, Navy Seal skydivers, fly over by fighter jets, fireworks,and the pit crews were amazing.

The smell of rubber and fuel is overwhelming and little specks of greasy black stuff are all over you.

The track is a mile, 400 laps around. That's 400 miles. I realized that 200 laps would have been just right. Good thing I had my knitting with me.

Mr. Truck loved his Christmas present and we may just do it again.


Diane said...

Did you get little black specs and greasy stuff on your knitting? I hope not!

Love your disagree shirt in previous post. I'm going to get one eventually.

Kimberly said...

Of course you can knit and NASCAR! I do it all the time. I get tickets to the September race in NH and ALWAYS have knitting with.
'Course I'm an NASCAR nut and can't knit during the race but before and after? YUP!
Glad to read how much you enjoyed the race. Check out a few more tracks (different configurations or lengths) and I'll bet you'll be hooked.
PS - My kids and hubby learned very early on not to say anything about needles at ANY sporting event. It just made me bring bigger and more colorful projects.

Susan said...

Diane, the knitting seems to be fine, good thing it's washable! Kimberly, where were you when I was being made fun of? We probably won't become real fans but we're so close to Dover, we'll definitely go there again. said...

Anything I can knit at is worth considering for entertainment! So your NASCAR giftie to DH was a great adventure. I love the Baby Bolero you knitted up. So cute!