Friday, June 20, 2008

L is for Lovey

When my first born, Cherry Pie, was still a tiny baby she found a lovey. Hers was a fuzzy blanket with a satin edging. It went everywhere with her and when I washed it and hung it on the line, she stood next to it while it dried. It even went on her 8th grade trip, which appalled Mr. Truck. It looked pretty bad by then, the fuzz was gone and so was the satin edge. It still lives at her house although I hope she doesn't sleep with it. "Blankie" was a huge part of all our lives for a long time. You really have to be careful of a lovey, they're irreplacable.

So when Cherry Pie called me to tell me that Reese seemed to have found a lovey, I wasn't all that surprised. What really surprised me was it was a blanket I had knit long before she was born. I was looking for summer weight, gender neutral and washable and I ended up with a green Cottonease. I made a small blanket with some seed stitch and some stockinette and never really thought too much about it. I thought it would be good in the air conditioning or cool summer evenings.

It seems Reese likes Cottonease and likes this particular blanket above all other things.

And the phone call was a request for at least one more so this time there can be a back up lovey. Something I really could have used back then.

So I'm making another one, this time in pink. I hope it works.


Iron Needles said...

One of mine had a blankey. As the edges wore, I would trim and rebind. The result, of course, was a smaller, and smaller, and smaller! blankey. Had to keep doing that because we could find nothing to replace the storebought one. Probably you will have better luck with handknitted goods!

Diane said...

oh what a cute story! Nothing can replace those blankies. My daughter still has her blankie! I made it from a remnant I found in a fabric store. It's so worn out and threadbare. She's 19 now and took it to college with her last year. She hides it when she has visitors in her dorm room.

PrincessPea said...

Awww - those pictures are so adorable!

I used to have a lovey like your daughter's - it had a satin edge that I used to rub against my top lip. When my mother took it off me to wash I was always really upset, because it never smelt right when it was clean. I used to think that she had washed all the love out of it!

Your pink version looks gorgeous too.

amanda said...

It so sweet that she loves something you made so much.