Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Saga of the Socks

Mr. Truck's family has a real sock issue. I thought at first it was just him. He is very sensitive to socks, once they're off they can't go back on until they're washed, they can't be wiggly (whatever that means) and they can't be old. All he ever asks for at Christmas is socks. His dream is to have 365 pairs of socks every year. Olivia doesn't like wiggly socks either, she stretches them up to her knees, even ankle socks. And the seam in the toe drives her crazy. Evan is well on his way to becoming just like them. The nephew, who is a grown man, has this problem as well, must be genetic. Now my SIL, Mimi, has taken this to new heights, she has all of the others' issues and a few they don't even have. She wears her socks inside out. So I knit her socks and she loves them. Being in Florida, I never make her big wooly socks and I try to make something different each time. These are the latest.

Breeze from Summer 2007. Sockotta sock yarn which is mostly cotton. I think she'll like them but I think I would prefer the pattern in a less variegated yarn.

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Sara said...

Nice work! I like Sockotta, too.