Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't You Just Love

a good pattern, one you can always fall back on? This one is just perfect for that.

Gretel by Penny Straker
or you can find it on Ravelry

I first bought this pattern in the 90's I think, and have made it a whole bunch of times. But after the first one, I realized this pattern is so adaptable you can make it into anything. And it is a very easy knit with almost no finishing. You start at the bottom, knit in the round to the armholes, back & forth to the shoulders, 3 needle bind off. Pick up stitches for the sleeve and knit around down to the cuffs. A little finish on the neck and you're done. Almost no weaving in, a beautiful thing.

The last time I knit it was in 2005 when DDIL asked me to knit the kids Christmas sweaters. Now, since they were pretty small and messy, we went to AC Moore to pick out a nice acrylic, washable being very important. DDIL picked a maroon/cranberry and cream and I found a basic snowflake chart, tweaked it a little, popped it into the perfect pattern, and here they are:

The sweaters are still around, nothing like acrylic for staying power, and now the grand dog George apparently wears one of them. I think I showed you this picture before, but it still makes me laugh.

You know this sweater comes in adult sizes too, I think I may just get one for myself.

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