Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thank you

Well, I never thought little gift tags would make such a stir! And this didn't start out as promoting BDE, I already did that. But I did tell her that she should do something like this on etsy or her little website. I told her knitters like this stuff and did she listen to me? No. But if you want to see her pretty things or contact her: The Scrap Paper Shop or there's a link on the side. And you can read about it here. As for my tags, I have no idea which one she's doing for me, mom's apparently don't get a choice, I've been asking for these for months; but I agree with your choices. Thanks so much!

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Deborah said...

Oh tags, I love tags. I keep promising to invent some for my own but have not done so in 20 years! So nice to have a crafty daughter!