Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Weekend Getaway

This weekend we drove down to Delaware to our vacation home. We got there late Friday and it was dark. The first thing we noticed in the morning was that spring had sprung! Everything was green and the Bradford pears outide the door were in bloom.

Mr. Truck started tiling the foyer

while I went shopping in Lewes

Ginger Moon yarns is a lovely little yarn shop in the back of an antique store. The owner is so nice and she has some beautiful yarn.

I got to pet all the yarn.

This is what I bought.

Later, some of us took a nap, on the couch,

on the floor,

and on the bed.

I sat on the love seat knitting.

After nap time was over, we went to the bay, the dogs were still afraid of the water.

We watched the ferry come in until the horn blew and scared some of us.

I found some sea glass

to add to my collection.

Then we got take out.

On the drive home it was my job to watch for cops because we might have been speeding a bit, but I still got this done on my new socks.

It was such a nice weekend.


shortoldlady said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Those socks are a beautiful shade of aqua! Like some of the sea glass you sometimes find. Looks like everyone enjoyed their naps!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

One of your dogs -- the white guy looks almost like my English Setter, Nigel!

(from Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Your writing style-coupled with the photos - is great. Usually I only look at bloggers' pix of knitting. I got caught up on the saga of the washing machine and the trip to the shore. Baba

Susan said...

Thank you so much, Baba. But it is no style, just me telling you a story.