Monday, March 31, 2008

Tangled Yoke Finally

I finally finished! I have never been so happy to have something off the needles. But, I like it. I spent part of Saturday blocking. First here it is before.

And here it is soaking in the sink. I think it enjoyed the bath.

Then I laid it out on the dining room table, good thing we eat in the kitchen. I think the cables look so much better blocked.

Later that day I took it to the fabric store (yes slightly damp) to pick out buttons. This seems to be such a project every time. So many buttons. Here's some of my choices.

With some help from another button shopper (she was going for little pink buttons of a certain pinkness)I ended up going with the plain ones on the far right. Tuesday night I'll sew them on and I'm wearing it to work on Wednesday. I am so done with this!

Final thoughts. I like it, I was wearing it over my jammies this morning and I think it looks pretty good even without buttons. Ten skeins plus another half was more than I expected. The chart was hard for me, I have no idea why, I've knit countless things from charts. I think the cables with the five increases and decreases were very clever now that they're done and I quite like the faux seams. And I think I'll be getting a lot of use of it, but I'm never making another one. THE END.


Genuine_Lye said...

I'm a sucker for warm colors, so I'm all gone on your tangled yoke! It looks soft and cuddly--is there alpaca in that fibre, or something? It almost looks like there's a soft halo to it.

yarntherapy said...

This is absolutely stunning. You are so, so talented!!

Iron Needles said...

Thanks for the comments on my gate. Tangled Yoke is gorgeous, and shows your skill and much endurance. I am with you on the 'never again' feelings. I have had them.

Andy Baker said...

That's a really nice looking sweater. I've seen it around. Blocking is amazing. I didn't get it until I did something that needed blocking and then I really got it. Thanks for your comment, by the way.

Michaela Dollar said...

Beautiful! What a difference blocking makes! The cables turned aout really nice. I especially like the color too. I knit a lot of stuff in similar colors. They just make me fool good!

Also, thanks for the comment on my blog!